Participant of the «“Road to Yalta» 2023 Tino Eisbrenner has published a book about the festival

Участник «Дороги на Ялту» 2023 года Тино Айсбреннер выпустил книгу о фестивале

The media write a lot about «The Road to Yalta», but this is the first time a book has been published about our project!

Tino Eisbrenner, a participant in the 2023 festival, published a book in which he described his history of participation in the «Road to Yalta», spoke about his trip to Moscow and how cultural bridges are being rebuilt between Russia and his country, Germany.

Tino’s book is named «Cranes» – this is the name of the song with which the singer took second place at our festival.

28 November 2023


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