The photo chronicle «Roads to Yalta» will tell Muscovites and guests of the capital about the festival

Фотолетопись «Дороги на Ялту» расскажет о фестивале москвичам и гостям столицы

Do you like to walk the streets of Moscow? Take a walk along Chistoprudny Boulevard – today a photo exhibition dedicated to the international music festival «Road to Yalta» opened here. On the eve of the sixth season, we show the brightest moments of festival’s history. You will see pictures from concerts in Crimea and Moscow.

« Road to Yalta» shows from year to year that our war songs are loved and recognized all over the world. Foreign artists perform together with Russian pop stars and give famous songs loved by many generations new life, filling them with the energy of our time. The festival shares the best footage from its stage: genuine emotions, sincerity and talent of performers from all over the world!

The exhibition on Chistoprudny Boulevard awaits you until May 5.

15 April 2024


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