3 most interesting interviews with Ernest Matskiavichius about the "Road to Yalta" festival 2023

3 самых интересных интервью с Эрнестом Мацкявичюсом о фестивале «Дорога на Ялту» 2023 года

Much is written and said about the festival. TV, radio and Internet channels invite organizers, contestants and Russian participants of the "Road to Yalta" to the studios.

We have selected 3 most interesting and informative interviews with the Artistic Director Ernest Matskiavichius and other important persons.

1. On the day of the final, the Italian singer Thomas Grazioso, who won the Road to Yalta in 2020, was invited to the morning program of the Rossiya 1 TV channel. He is participating in the festival-2023 both as a guest and as a member of the jury. The issue of "Morning of Russia" is posted on the SMOTRIM website by All Russia Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

2. The popular singer Uta invited Ernest Matskiavichius to her program on the Sputnik radio. Uta supports the contestants in the final gala concert of the festival year after year. She knows the "Road to Yalta" perfectly from the inside. Watch and listen to the program on the radio station's channel in RuTube.

3. In the program "Cultural Wave" of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, with the support of which our festival is being implemented, there is a digest of the most significant cultural news. Ernest Matskiavichius talked about the "Road to Yalta" with Roman Karmanov, the General Director of the Fund. Watch the episode in the Fund's VKontakte group, time code: 13:34.

4 May 2023


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