Tino Eisbrenner, a member of the 2024 festival jury and 2023 silver medalist, gave an interview to TASS

Член жюри фестиваля 2024 года, серебряный призер 2023 года Тино Айсбреннер дал большое интервью ТАСС

Tino Eisbrenner, silver medalist of the Road to Yalta festival in 2023 and a member of the jury in 2024, gave a long interview to Russian Information Agency TASS, in which he explained how ordinary German residents feel about Berlin’s anti-Russian policy, whether they believe in the West’s rhetoric on Ukraine, and answered a question whether there will be friendship between the Russian Federation and Germany, and also answered a number of questions about the culture of Russia and its perception in his homeland.

Read Tino Eisbrenner's interview on the TASS website.

28 May 2024


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